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Definitely one of the best VNs i've read. Funny, endearing, real and dramatic. Loved the soundtrack, especially the main theme and the credits song. Also Luke, my beloved funny cat.


this game is everything i could ask for in a visual novel. some meta-level morality coming across in both story and mechanics. the writer clearly understands how the context of the medium affects the story. plenty of intellegent humor. the mechanics working with and against the morals to tell a story more true to (my experience of) reality than any FVN before.

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Just wondering is There a guide on how to get all cg and also if all nsfw scenes are going to be text only or are there pictures


One route down and and just left in that hollowed state after finishing a good book. Fantastic writing which leaves food for thought in how we treat our own lives and passing the days away.

Thank you for telling this story and I look forward to going through the rest of the routes. 

I hope to see more of your work in the future if you plan on doing a sequel or something new entirely!

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Fuuuuck man, Cedric's rout destroyed me. First, it was him staying in Peregrine, and like, having no choive but leave him there hit me so hard, for a reason i cannot comprehend...

And then, in denial (and tears), I say 'fuck it' and go back in hope to find a better ending...

Well, I did find it. Cedric coming back was lovely to see. (...) and then he says hes leaving for good. On a life trip to the other side of the country. Like, yeah, i understand, he has to do that, but damm... it still hurts.

Its such a bittersweet ending... but nonetheless a great one. (Both, imo)

All I wanted to do through the second ending was hug Cedric and never let him go. But he has to go.

aaaaa my heaaart!! I can only hope him and Kieran never gets separated again...


I love Luke

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The irony in this game is... well, ironic.

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Damn... I've only gotten two endings thus far, but... it hits so hard. I'm still crying, damnit. I love this game, I love the characters, and it hurts me to know that I won't get more content than what already exists here.

This is freaking awesome. Quickly became my absolute favorite game I've ever played... I... damn. I need to go cry into a pillow now...

Also, I'm just a little sad my favorite character doesn't have a romance route...

This is such a good game, thank you so much for your amazing work. I'm going to keep these characters in my heart and try to not let it break...

Today i got two endings.


One with Wes and it was soo cute 🤩

I like that he try to live his life with main character (i forget how was his name) and he was so brave to say that for his father. (I'm proud for that i got him first)

And another with Cedric and he decided to be in that world (i almost cry at that moment)

Need to get ending with Lynx and try to find way with Cedric to get him in Real world (i think that there another end with him)

And k don't know what end will be whith that Lynx (and yeah, i got some screenshots when the main character got dildo in his had and brake the 4-th wall, it's quite fuuny how they all standings like this, like Wes i think that he try to say "w*f where did you get this", and Cedric "Man... Put that thing down...")

I really like to play this game and sometime i got a b*ner just reading that kind of stuff (maybe just because i was a roleplayer)

Really really good work!

Thank you for your good visual novele!

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Hints for the last two pleaseeeeeeee


All my doubts when this was in early development have been dispelled.  I am clawing for where I must have erred, but that is the beauty of this VN.  No matter how bleak things become and the darkness may rage, there is always a light, but one must know how to make it out.  One must really know how to navigate the void, in order to find even the light's brightest spot.  For that I will not give up and will keep trying to get the ending that I want, but wanting means nothing if I don't earn it.  For me I always want to earn what I want, for nothing is free, and all have free will, so one must work for it.


why is this genuinely.




If there's a word above adore, I don't know it. I tear up every time I reached the ending. I looked at the gallery for the kiss with Cedric and I teared up.

*Sigh* I wish Remus could come with us TvT

Hey how can I get the last image of Remus?



I have no clue how to express the severity of pissed off that I've reached. I love this one so much that it nearly broke my heart. I fell for Remus pretty quickly even if it left me in tears. I certainly enjoyed Wes and Cedrik! This was a true masterpiece it nearly breaks my heart to know it's finished.


Your game is maybe one of the greatest game I played in my life.  I've just finish two of the ending with Cedrik and I just couldn't stop crying since. I think I just find a to much of myself in both Kieran and Cedric, in which I'm the loner who can't make friends but also nearly always depend on my only true friend, I've had friends that I just stop talking to and don't even know if they will ever want to talk to me again and I've been trying to escape life with fantasies I can make up in my head or by playing video games. Seeing the end might just have broke me. Just thinking about it still make want to cry. It's pretty hard for a video game to make me sad until I at least tear up a little but this game might have reach a whole other level if it made me cry that much, I think I might have never played or experience something that felt so close to me personaly  that it made me feel that much different emotions. Sadness ? Envy ? Hope ? I don't know and I actually don't know I even want to know. I'd like to thank you for bringing this game in this world even if a part of me wish I didn't play if I knew just how much sadness could be brought upon me.


Stunning! Seldom do I leave reviews for games like this but I was so pleasantly surprised by this one that I have to. The writing and prose are some of the strongest I've seen in any FVN, the pacing is breakneck without ever feeling rushed and the narrative strikes a wonderful balance between emotional and comedic-I was simultaneously moved and audibly giggling all the way through and that seldom happens with visual novels that attempt humour. The characters are really strong and their individual struggles and personalities are conveyed wonderfully in the few hours the game takes to complete-especially Kieran, whose goofy demeanour made for a refreshing change of pace from the typical muted/blank-slate protagonist. I'll eagerly be on the lookout for any future projects of yours.

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This game has to be one of the best story games I have every played, the endings were satisfying and maybe me emotional heh. 10/10 game

Side note:

I wish there were more art scenes throughout the stories but other than that perfect

I take it the game is finished? But it will be updated to improve?

Are their multiple endings

Different ones for each character, and variations on them depending on choices made.


is the game finished or still in development?


It's finished


This was unlike any VN I have played. It was excellent on so many different levels from the art to the wonderful storytelling. Couldn't recommend enough. 

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Really enjoyed this whole story and some of the surprising variations on how the endings can go based on choices earlier. Big fan of having friendship routes available in addition to the romantic ones too.

Spoilers below:

I particularly like that you can't choose to stay in Peregrine if you've fixed your friendship with Cedric but otherwise chosen the Remus path, because Cedric drags you out. Pretty much a reversal of the same situation in his own ending where it's based on how well you've handled your friendship / relationship as well.


This VN, just… wow. All I can say is that I’m left wounded by reading it. It is so bittersweet, and beautiful. Cedric really hurt me deep. I felt the pain of Kieran while reading the route.

Besides that, the writing was on point. But I got lost, there was a problem with the flow of the story, but passing that… I’m just… Pained by it.

Did you get to his good ending? It's a lot less painful

Which one? The one that he stays or the one that he leaves? I can’t say it any less vague, or I will spoil the ending a bit.

I have seen the one where he stays, the one that he leaves, but not the other one that people call… Too far away. I guess that would be the worst ending.

I do not know why, but all “good” endings, leave the feeling of bittersweet.

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Apologies if this spoils anything for someone

A bittersweet ending is more realistic to how life is...that's why it hurts. Perhaps Kieran and Cedric will meet again someday and move in together; maybe later they'll even get married. The future is up to your imagination 

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I know, and thank you for clarifying that. But, the game is anything but realistic… to some extent. There are realistic parts of it, but I will say that realism. Doesn’t apply to the whole story. Anyway, I understand that for the terms of their relations from their endings. Not everyone has a path already build. We follow the unknown in the world, so I can accept that the endings are bittersweet.

Life is full of unknown paths that we have to explore. And not all of them end in a happy and loving relations. Some lead to problems with family, others lead to fights, even death. For that, I do appreciate that their relations aren’t fully developed after their travels. And so… that is my point of view in this case.

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Very well put. Life rarely goes to plan, and no one really knows what will happen. The bittersweet conclusion doesn't force a happy ending or a tragic one, but one of uncertainty and room for the unknown. It's easy to long for unrealistic stories because stories themselves are often used to escape from the brutality of the real world. 

Major Spoilers:

That's the moral of In Case of Emergency.  Peregrine seduces the characters with its promises of adventure and freedom, but in reality, it's a shackle holding them to a false world. Escapism can be enticing to those who need it most, but it's never as pure as it makes itself out to be. In the end, they all realize that it's foolish to abandon reality for superficial happiness. 

You never know what happens to the characters, just as you never know what tomorrow may bring. I've played through every path, every story in this game. There's a sort of peace at the end of each so-called "good ending". Although we will never know what becomes of Luke, Cedric, Wesley, Remus, or Kieran, it's a pleasant thought that maybe, just maybe, things will be alright. 

Like you said, life will always have many differing paths and conclusions. Not everything will end in happiness or love, and more times than not, it won't. It would be naive of me to see the world in black and white. Remus was not evil for doing what he did,  nor was he a savior or hero of any sort. He was a complicated old man who lived a life of fantasy for so long that he had forgotten the truth. 

All of them learn different life lessons at the end of their paths. Wesley realizes that he can't keep living his life for others, not allowing himself to make any decisions for himself or be free. Cedric learns to let go of all the ideals and meanings he tries to force himself to conform to. Luke discovers that not everything in life will have a solution or some sort of magic to repair it. Sometimes you just have to go with things and live in the moment. 

Anyway, I know I probably seem insane for taking the time to write this much, but I enjoy to have discussions like this with people. Some of the best conversations to be had are with those you'll most likely never see or know. Thank you for taking the time to read this, your willingness to converse with people in such detail is admirable. 


In case of emergency:

  1. Break the glass
  2. Break the hammer
  3. Break fabric of reality
  4. Drink some soda i guess
  5. Rate this game as masterpiece

Just finished this game. What a great read. It's enjoyable and i love Kieran's personality. 

Spoiler Alert

Honestly though, i wish it's longer like other VNs, like the entire week before the adventure or even during the adventure will help developing the characters and make me even more attached to them. Like, Remus' betrayal (and defeat) just made me went oh okay because i didn't really... care for him. Same goes with other characters like Wes, Cedric, and Luke. Don't get me wrong, i love them and their void-fantasy and good ending made me sad and smile (especially Wes' route. God i love that tiger man) and it sticks in my head for a few days but i wish there's... more chances and scenes to made their route even more impactful to me/players.

That's my only complain, but i still love this game. Wes best boy. Baby i love you so much.

Also i don't think Cedric's (good) end is as sad as people says. Cedric said he promise to keep in contact with Kieran and even give him 'green light' about their relationship. It sucks he's going away for a while sure, but it's not the end of their relationship. I can still picture a scene of Cedric growing more confident and ready for Kieran after few years which lead to them getting married. Like, it's still really possible in his good end lol.

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Okay so I have a question but I need to do a spoiler tag:


What's the track you used for when Keiran and whoever jumps after him into the Void are climbing out of it? It's the one right before the confrontation with Remus.

Can yall give Me some Guide please

To get romance, click the choices with hearts for the character you want. To get friendship, pick choices that the character you choice will like


Choose to talk to Cedric instead of fighting him, and don't choose the "did you?" choice when talking to him by the campfire if you want his  good ending.

If you don't get to know Luke, Cedric, or Wes, you'll end up with Remus. Remus has romance and friendship options as well but he always refuses to go back to the real world with the mc (Kieran). Luke has no romance ending. 

After playing every ending of every character, all CGs will be shown in the gallery. 


Does anyone know how to get to Cedric good ending where 


He rides with you to your sister wedding

Instead of sparing with Cedric talk to him, it gets you negative points at first, but you get more positive points after the talk.


he asks for the good ending not the way to enter the route

When you're talking to him by the campfire, make sure not to choose the "did you?" choice.

Thank you I got the ending

Is there a way to get the last CG? I've gotten all but one the second to last in the gallery:


Wes in the pool

Hanging with Cedric

Diner with Luke

Wes Kiss

Luke Kiss

Cedric Kiss

Cedric too much distance


there are one more you can get by

not kissing luke.


Not as exciting as I'd hoped. but thank you!


Wow. After playing this I feel incredibly great and sad at the same time. Great because I loved the story, characters (especially Wes <3) and music (especially outro). Sad because I will probably never play something as amazing as this. Definitely moving this to my top 1 VN <3. Thank You for this masterpiece. 

Also I have a question, will You be making a next VN? Would love to see more of your work <3


Question. How can i get wes's romance route?


Just get all the heart options... it's pretty straightforward hahaha be flirty and clear about what u want :D


Is there a good ending for Remus? i got both when you stay behind and the one you leave him can you bring him along?, oh and can you get a romance ending with Luke?



The romance ending with him isn't explicit

And as far as I've seen, these are the only 2 ends possible for Remus, he refuses to go out to the real World


I have recently finished Wes' route, and man that was wowee. 
But anyways, beside that this might be a stupid, (or strange) question considering sources are already provided, but what are/is(?) the soundtrack present during the main menu, and end credits?


Main menu theme is Komiku's "The main reason we are here," and the end credits is "The only reason we end here." Would highly recommend checking out and supporting the artist!


Oh wow, thanks I should've figured, but I didn't find anything on the places I was looking for it, but anyways thank you again!
The theme is really sweet!


how do i get the actual romance ending for was's route? i got the sleeping together thing and nothing else other then the cutscene at the end where they are on the way to mc's wedding. is that the mid ending or romance one? 

is there any kissing? that's the romance ending

there was but it stayed strictly casual sex. i dont think that is the romance ending?


even with that CG? o.O

maybe there's more than one ending that shows it... when I took the friend route, that CG didn't appeared 

well, try playing again skipping the handjob or, maybe, talk with him on the river and say that u don't want it to be just casual sex


Just finished Wes' romance route. Short and sweet VN.

Are there multiple endings and the like? and if so is there a guide I can check out?


yep, there's like 2-3 endings for each route 

the guide is exclusive to those that donate $5 or more 



Just played Wes route - the romantic one (I think bahaha), saw on comments that there's like 2-3 routes for everyone - and DAMN, I LOVED IT <3

Gonna play again to see the other routes - and unlock everything on gallery xP - liked a lot that function it too... always awesome to be able to go back on the art without needing to load a specific save 

Well, this novel is oficially one of my favorites now :D and I still haven't even checked it whole LOL for sure it's 5 stars hehe


Besides, just noticed that I came back to this game after 1 year LOL

Okay, 1 year and some days bahaha

And I must say: SO MUCH IMPROVEMENT!!!

U changed basically everything LOL I needed to start a new save 'cuz all dialogues were different but damn, was it worth it! 

The story became waaaaay better from that point :D 

Also, loved the animations haha moreso for the one's for the characters - Cedric tapping fingers really does seem like a match for him haha makes the experience more hmm vivid? I mean, made me feel more like he was really a person and I was REALLY interacting with him.

So uhm, lemme try an analysis xP

World Background

It's well made, set in a fantasy world, where most of the story occurs, with some parts mixed with what presumedly is a world like ours - I mean, modern and all, without furry people tho. 

Found no loophole in the world construction - which is awesome! - and it was developed in a amazing way! 

It was being shown (I mean, the World being explained) along the story very well, enough to make me curious, but without being too fast so as to interrupt the story flow - or even disrupt the plot - or make me lose interest.

Writing Quality

It surprises me that - at least on Wes romance route - there was almost no typo WOW (yeah, I'm kinda "sharp" when reading other people stuff LOL), so there was probably a good revision and all for it :D 

Also, the typos I found - which were like 2 or 3 - were simple things, nothing too much to the point of making it hard to understand.

The words used were also very good...I myself am no wizard of English, so a bumpkin or too formal of a vocabulary would be damn hard to understand - and kinda boring, because I'd need to stop the game to check translation or dictionary a lot...

Character Desing

Can't sat much in that regard as I've only played one route, but so far, so DAMN GOOD xP

Well, they felt like people and to me it realy felt like I was interacting with them - moreso with all the different dialogues across the options hehe, really felt "real" :D they were all well developed, full of personality - like a person LOL

Besides, damn, they're all hot bahaha 


While playing I tought of asking about the soundtrack because damn dude, it's soooooo good and implements very well with the story :D

Like, in a tense moment the music really makes ya feel tense, if the story moment is happy the music REALLY is happy - and contagious - and so on haha

And I do know that music doesn't exactly needs to be good to listen to put u on a determined emotional state - it's all frequency and all - but those used on this game made that work perfectly while also being very pleasurable to listen - whlln, I'm listening the main menu music while writing this xP

Thanks for placing all the music info on the end, names of artists, links and all that, tho I really missed a soundroom option here...I think this was the 2nd game that really made me want to keep listening to it's soundtrack xP (to show how good it is haha)


The art is awesome! 

It seemed like some BGs was just an image froom Google or wathever with blurr efect, but even those were well fitting for the story and the ones that were actually painted were also an awesome work of art :D full of details, a feast for the eyes bahaha

The CGs are cute and lovely - tho I have seen only 2 at the moment... -, the only thing I found weird was that the characters on the CGs were veeeeeeery diferent from their sprites.

And talking about the sprites for the characters, they're all very well made too, again a good emphasize on detais (more than the usual for VNs), with expressions - a lot - and even an animation specific for each character :D that was pretty cool!

Loved the animations for Void too :D - tho they take a tool on slower devices LOL, glad u put on/off option for that.

Gallery option is awesome for coming back to those cool arts later :D could add an option to see the BGs and sprites there too...

I do confess I'm missing NSFW stuff tho BAHAHA dunno if there is any on it, as I found none yet...still gonna check the other routes haha

Story Development

Well, the story was amazing!

It developed well, it was a very smooth reading, I was really engrossed on it bahaha really felt absorbed, like I was actually living the story LOL - which yeah, that proves that u wrote a good story :P not every writer can make people feel like they're inside their story haha

There was no forced plot, it simply developed in a perfect pace :D

I did find some weird things, but nothing major - will repot later.

The story was full of emotions hahaha was a rollecoaster xP it has the right amount of jokes - laughed a lot! <3 -, suspense, romance, drama etc. it's a good mix! I simply think it lacked a bit of lewdness LMAO

When I saw that it has the NSFW on/off option I was thinking it had some sex scenes - well, the synopsis even says so - but when I turned that option on and looked across Wes route, I only found a handjob part - only text, no CG... dunno if there's none or I simply haven't found it

I haven't played all the routes yet, but for sure the epilogue was a bit short for Cedric on Wes route when compared to Luke epilogue, but well, can live with it bahaha and a bit sad for Reamus... he seemed really cool (and hot) so I kinda wanted to see more of him - was expecting him to appear too :x - tho I dunno if there's a way for him to appear based on choices...dunno if he's really a route even LOL

Also, kinda sad I didn't got to see the wedding - or if they were actually later, and more importatly, what made them late *wink*


Well, pretty basic, as Ren'py itself is very easy to use and there wasn't any new machinic that's hard to use...there isn't much what to talk about haha

Simply glad that there's an on/off option for lots of things - that pretty useful!


For sure a VN that I recommend anyone that likes VNs - moreso with furry - to play and enjoy too :D

Okay, so some things I did found that need some atention - or I'm simply sharing my view LOL

The was a bug on which sometimes the "typing" sound of new text appearing kept reapeting itself in a loop even when the text on screen was over - I mean, there no new text.

This one didn't happen in a specific point of the game, it happened a lot during all my playtrough when opening the menu while the text was still "loading" - I mean, it appearing aongside the typing sound.

On Wes route, I wanted to check the horny stuff and noticed that while dirty of cum, I visit Cedric AND HE DOESN'T SAYS ANYTHING ABOUT IT... I mean, the fck, a dude full of cum is in front of ya and u ask nothing?

Also, if I'm not mistaken, you go out to meet that girl - forgot her name - still dirty of cum............#pig LMAO

So... I haven't asked him that, but no matter the choice, he always starts explaining what is that place...

Celdric is missing a costume too...maybe wrong sprite for him?

The Void *IS*...?

Pretty sure it was me asking that - for sure Sky wasn't asking that to himself.


Eh, no, they're not, missing blush effect on their sprites...

Here I was supposed to be wearing t-shirt and boxers... where the heck are those pockets then? '-'

There's a lot of "along" here, no? xP

Just checked Wes horny stuff and found this typo "togheter"

Well and that's it for now xP

Till I play more routes, that's it bahaha

I'm in a mix of "happy that I played it till the end and got a good ending with romance", but sad that it ended too fast cuz it's too good and I wanted more bahaha - specially about that world, if it really crumbled and Reamus is dead AND NSFW stuff LMAO

Hope u make a sequel of this one or make more VNs :D

Also, congratz for the masterpiece! *applause* <3

(3 edits)

Oh yeah, before I forget, this game has some awesome messages...

Like, running away from your problems won't really solve it AT ALL xP


Edit: Noticed that this CG (and Wes one that looks similar) is missing on gallery

Edit²: I think here was supposed to be "crate", on Remus route

Edit³: found more typos on Remus route... here it was supposed to be "against", no?

And isn't there too much "in" here? LOL

Also, damn dude, got that ending above and the one of "home" for Remus and damn :v rollecoaster of sad and happy hahaha

That for sure was intense... can't say I liked those endings, but's an ending xP

Also, dunno if the skip option that's bugged or what, but on the ending that I did leave, when talking with Remus I say something about him having a body up above, but I haven't read anything like that... which I dunno if the skip button that skipped wrongly - I basically kept skipping all that was read without reading again - or if there was really no such dialogue.

And weirdly there was no CG... and I'm still missing 6 LOL

Also, u plan on doing the NSFW CGs later? It's missing for Remus and Wes...


this is my fav vn now!


Does Luke have good romance ending? I was able to get both good "friend" and "romance" ending with Cedric, but Luke best-friendzones me no matter what i do.

How did you get either ending with Cedric??? No matter what I do he stays behind


I talked with him instead of fighting in the map room, told him to get rid of the sword and had the "take the red pill" approach in general during the game. Press the ❤ for Romance or other options for friendship.


Noted! I played before seeing this reply and I got the romance ending, though a bit differently.

Red pilled, talked to him, told him that he mattered to Kieran, told him to keep the sword, told him that it was bullshit and overall kept going until the end. 

can you tell me how to get the romance ending with cedric


no explicit romance route for Luke

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