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screaming. crying. throwing up.


i love


this might be peak. (i lied it's peak). I'm crying over the complex commentary on everything included. I love all the references. i'm not even halfway down either, i've just just cedric (my goat) and luke's.

How do I get the other Cg for Cedric where he isn't kissing him 😭 (It's been hours but I can't figure it out)


when you're convincing him to drop the [spoilers] choose the option that doesn't have a heart next to it


I just finished the Cedric's ending and I got some things to say *SPOILERS*. In a nutshell: I liked a lot this game, I think it has like the perfect balance between a hella complex story and a simple gay story, there were a lot of parts where I almost (should I say “just” instead?) cried because of the very well written dialogue. I need to say that the ending was a little bittersweet, a part of me thinking that it'd be cool to have a happier (and NSWF-er) ending, I mean I feel destroyed; but at the same time I liked it, not every story end happily, specially in a vn like this one where one of the main themes is the difference between reality and fiction, and dreams… Maybe some childhood crushes are meant to be just that… 

idk if youll see this but *spoilers* you have to choose all cedric options that are not romance. I won't spoil it further than that, but it is still just as bittersweet as the romance option.


Woah woah woah I just got an ending where Cedric leaves butt idk how to unlock any of Cedric's other endings and idek if there's Nfsws with him, help😭

I think there aren't any nsfw scenes with him. To unlock the other endings you have to confront him when you're talking to him at the campfire. Then, depending on whether you were just friendly or chose the ❤️ options, you'll get its respective ending. If I remember correctly xd.

Jesus Christ I replayed the game a bunch of times but I stumbled on the route-less path just now. Don't know how I missed it for so long.

I'm not sure if this is how Remus' path goes but the sequence in the void was actually crazy. 


this game is absolutely amazing. play it


So...  the king of nerds is your mind, the male feminist is your heart, and the alpha chad is your body?

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Does the 5$ bonus content pack have a guide route for the guys? I think I found a bug, when I'm playing Cedric's route right before we lose the battle with gravity against the void my game crashes here, no matter how many times I reload. 

By the way, are there plans to make a sequel of this wonderful VN? I'd like to see more of Wes and the other guys, maybe see how the romances and friendships developed.

It does

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Im so glad I found the Luke route, him > Wes, Wish there was a Cedric route, he feels barren despite having the most story   

Edit: Found it, it's the best one

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There is a cedric route

I'd play this game 5 times and still miss something

Bro please tell me how,  he always texts that he's too busy 

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You need to choose the option to talk to him instead of sparring

thanks man

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Wait, so is the Void the Teacher dying or his dream dying or does that not count since we were told that in the Void?

Edit: Love the Implication that Cedric didn't get distant, his other self did while he busy being Coraline & That's he's wrong about the Door Opening Twice



Do not be tricked into thinking this a review of the game; I am simply rambling because the game is so notable that I can't help but to get all of my half-baked thoughts pertaining to it out, before they fade away into the Primordial Aether. 

This is the reason upon why I play these VNs. For many of them, you play them, and you find them to be not the most fun nor engaging. As if the writer couldn't properly translate their muse onto digital paper. I initially felt this was the case as the hook was notably weak. Though as I watched that lame prologue come back into play at very crucial parts of the story, and in some places become entirely meaningless in the widest scope of the plot, and then eventually tie itself neatly back together; I started to forge an idea in my mind just the scope of writing I was dealing with.

That is because (in my interpretation) The prologue was a false hook. You play through the prologue scene and just a bit after, and you think that this game is just going to be about another depressed gay dude going through college and eventually learning self acceptance via some belligerently  generic suit of outcomes. But then you reach the true hook, which was stepping through the threshold into Peregrine. And as small swaths of that alternate existence become clear to you, you think to yourself "Hey, this isn't quite right..."

And just as you have time to realize that it's a subversion and start making assumptions about the direction and nature of the plot, it turns you topside under. And every once in a while, you guess correctly, leaving you very involved as a reader. It's interesting, because I describe this storyline as if it has a blindingly rapid pace, but it doesn't; the pace waxes and wanes in speed as if an orchestral notation. Or perhaps even it was written in a way to where it seems slow but is actually quite fast in the overall scope of the story. 

Another thing that I quite enjoy is that the game doesn't take itself too seriously. In fact I'd proclaim that it is uniquely balanced in the way it juggles light and heavy topics to forge a delightful, almost random experience- a randomness that feels quite true and parallel to our reality. Shit just happens right? It's that mentality, but cranked up to 11 so as to fit the nature of an engaging plot. Now that doesn't mean it's overly dramatic, it's just telegraphed to the reader so that they can start to get a feel for the direction that the plot is taking.

Additionally, I like how much comradery and chemistry was simulated between the characters in such a short timespan. It's funny because you can tell that even the characters themselves feel that way in the end. And on the topic of the ending, I was a little sad but also refreshed at how bittersweet it was.

All in all, this game was music to my ears (not even mentioning the exemplary soundtrack), It was fantastically written and didn't overstay it's welcome. Thank you for providing me this experience and I hope to see that you have more tales being strewn onto the spinning wheel.

So if you died irl, you'd be unable to leave?


Hi phibbean !
I have a lot of people coming from this game in my bandcamp listening to my Komiku's stuff, so i want to thank you for using my free music in your game =)
(Twitter DMs are broken, so sorry for the public thanks on itch comments, haha)


Ah thank you for the comment! Your music is incredible and lots of people have commented positively about it. Thanks for making free music, and I'm just glad I could direct some  well-deserved attention towards it. :)


Thanks, phibeean, that's sweet =) hit me if you need anything music related !

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Update for anyone who's been following my lost account saga: I have access to this account again!


Glad to here it  man 😆 

tengo un problema, no se si sea el juego o mi pc pero cuando estoy en la parte de el void (elegí el camino de remus) y despierto del sueño y voy hacia la puerta cuando intento abrirla el juego se me cierra...

a alguien mas le pasa lo mismo? TT


how many days does this has?


Got through all the endings. Thoroughly enjoyable! Here's hoping you write more!


incredible writing! please say you're working on more projects!


Amazing work! I played the whole thing in some sort of fugue state, I feel like I got an ending and "woke up" from an incredible dream. Best of luck in all your future endeavors, and thank you for this!



I decided to come back to this almost a year later, and good god, that writing is still amazing. Cedric route just has hit after hit. Relatable struggles fill the whole game, but I wanted to cry at the Cedric leaves ending. It's such a complicated but sweet relationship, it feels like the true end, but there's just such high quality across the board, you can say that about almost any of the endings. (They're all great! Just that some spoiler-y ones like staying with Remus are fairly unlikely. But at the same time, when you go through the route leading up to it, it makes sense y'know? So like from Kieran as a general character/concept, probably not, but for Kieran and co. from that timeline it makes sense?) Idk. I just knew that there was a good reason I kept this downloaded instead of deleted once I finished the main route(s) of the characters I was most interested in. Cedric, as he develops, just feels so real, vulnerable, and just indescribable. I feel their dynamic as best friends who grew up together, the awkwardness of trying to make things work, and how in some routes that awkwardness and tension ultimately remains. It's unfortunate but realistic that Kieran and the whole rest of the gang don't really stay in touch in any of the routes.

 I like how the end of Cedric's route even goes into interesting details like how they had lasting trauma after y'know almost dying, something many VNs don't really acknowledge. 

Cedric and Kieran's final scene on his route also just hurts. It's sweet and there's some hope, there's some stuff there, but there's also pieces that let the reader decide for themselves if they think anything will come out of all of this. Thematically, perhaps not. But there's that flare of hope, that beacon I simply must reach out towards. Maybe that's just my own remnants of hope for a clean future that saves us. One that Cedric denies exists. 

That's one of the interesting things about him, he's constantly changing and you see that especially on his route. He struggles with his own self worth and personhood to an extent and there's just so much there to dig into, it's absolutely amazing. 

Almost a year later, and this still holds up fantastically. Hope you're doing well out there wherever you are, despite the not very active Twitter.


10/10 i am deeply sad and relate to every character

Does anyone know how to get the NSFW Scenes to work, I just get a black screen with text even though I have the option turned on


oh theres no nsfw cg lol

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I just finished some of the routes and damn… What lovely storytelling! Kudos to the author, you really made my heart move multiple times throughout the novel. I love the character design so much, it’s so pleasant to look at. This is easily one of the top-tier VNs out there! Looking forward if ever you have more in store for us, author!

Deleted 246 days ago
Deleted 246 days ago

I've only just started, but had to get something off my chest early, there's a snap to the dialogue which feels very Catch-22 and I am all about that. It's provoking some very fond memories of the multiple reads I've had of it!


Anyone got a wind of what the author is currently working on? the latest update of them was from September last year and absolute silence eversince. Hope they are doing fine, this is some of the best work I have read on this site.


Author made a single retweet in April, still no idea what they are currently doing, but at least, not dead.


Its been months and im STILL occasionally sobbing over the remus endings


Having finished this VN several months ago I still find myself pondering it fondly from time to time. I found myself in the unfortunate position of discovering the project after it's completion, and as such was unable to reabsorb the story multiple times as it was updated. The characters and their motivations are intriguing, the story thought provoking and the art oh so easy on the eyes. Reminds me strongly of Michael Crichton's novel Timeline, they both share many similarities but the most glaring of all being they're both criminally under rated and oft unheard of. "In Case of Emergency" is a fantastic piece of work and I hope more people like myself stumble across it and enjoy it as well.


Definitely one of the best VNs i've read. Funny, endearing, real and dramatic. Loved the soundtrack, especially the main theme and the credits song. Also Luke, my beloved funny cat.


this game is everything i could ask for in a visual novel. some meta-level morality coming across in both story and mechanics. the writer clearly understands how the context of the medium affects the story. plenty of intellegent humor. the mechanics working with and against the morals to tell a story more true to (my experience of) reality than any FVN before.

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Just wondering is There a guide on how to get all cg and also if all nsfw scenes are going to be text only or are there pictures


One route down and and just left in that hollowed state after finishing a good book. Fantastic writing which leaves food for thought in how we treat our own lives and passing the days away.

Thank you for telling this story and I look forward to going through the rest of the routes. 

I hope to see more of your work in the future if you plan on doing a sequel or something new entirely!

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Fuuuuck man, Cedric's route destroyed me. First, it was him staying in Peregrine, and like, having no choive but leave him there hit me so hard, for a reason i cannot comprehend...

And then, in denial (and tears), I say 'fuck it' and go back in hope to find a better ending...

Well, I did find it. Cedric coming back was lovely to see. (...) and then he says hes leaving for good. On a life trip to the other side of the country. Like, yeah, i understand, he has to do that, but damm... it still hurts.

Its such a bittersweet ending... but nonetheless a great one. (Both, imo)

All I wanted to do through the second ending was hug Cedric and never let him go. But he has to go.

aaaaa my heaaart!! I can only hope him and Kieran never gets separated again...


May I ask you how did you find that route? I don't know what do I need for reach it

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oooh man youre in bad luck, was so long ago i already forgot. I do remember it being really hard to find tho lol. I think it has something to do with not playing swords with him at the start

yup, I was right 

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