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This might be a silly question, but is there any nudity in the game?

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There's no visual nudity so far. There's also a toggle in the game's preferences to enable/disable the most explicit content.

thank you for the reply :)

I can't install the android build. I tried to clear storage and restarted my phone, but still the same. Can I get any help on what need to be done?


Thanks for the update! Take time to relax and hopefully you'll hire people to help with your visual novel. This visual novel is one of my favorites and I pray it won't be canceled. Enjoy your vacation!


Thanks, appreciate the kind words!

Hello ! Can someone tell me if i can get Cedric than i must choose someone to text in the night before the v0.3 and if yes, how i can get him ? Thank ^^


Hi, I've just written a post about this that might help: :)

Thank you very much for this ! ^^

I really enjoyed this one. Cant wait for da update.


I'm really liking this.  *spoiler* I actually chose to talk to Cedric instead of fighting him.  Normally I always choose the 'get most likes' choice.  But I just felt the protagonist deserved a chance to speak to him.  That's when I know when I'm reading  a good story, I care more about what the protagonist goes through versus the so called rack up the most like points choice.  You may want to get a patreon page if you think you can commit to this project.

Thanks, I appreciate the comment. I tried to craft some choices hoping players would be forced to think about the kind of character they're playing and what their motivations are. Glad to hear people are engaging with the game. I don't think I have the kind of schedule that allows for a Patreon right now, but maybe someday.


If you have a schedule that doesn't work for monthly charges you can always set it to only charge patrons when you release new content for them.

I want a Patreon to show support.

Do we have any idea on when the next update might be


I'm really liking this! Although I don't fully understand the stuff with the Nerd, Chad, and Feminist things, I really enjoyed reading through everything...looking forward to future updates!🐊

Also, is there an upload schedule or is it a "whenever it's ready type of thing?

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I believe in the theory that Kieran has Dissociative Identity Disorder and those three are his Alters.

It heavily reminds me of the Disco Elysium skill tree which I love




I can't download the game wia the itch desktop app, Might be because there's no assigned OS for the builds

Whoops, good catch. Fixed now.


Devlog? What's new?


Just posted! Just minor fixes and a reminder that 0.2 came out last month, since I didn't have email/feed notifications on then.


I hadn't noticed there was an update until TODAY!!! AND ITS ALL SO GREAT!!! as much as Wes is the love of my life, the scene with cedric.... is it weird it made me wanna cry? the melancholic music didn't help.... theres just so much going on between him and kieran... UGH I NEED TO MORE!!! this vn is so good, keep up the great work!!!


Not gonna lie it was short but I loved it so much can't wait for the next update 😭


will this game have an update schedule? Like in certain amount of days another update will be available?


Nope, sorry. The update schedule is dependent on my work schedule, which varies from month to month. I expect this next update to be out around late August... hopefully.


I can't tell if texting Cedric *never* has any result or if i just didn't do something right, either way big oof that my favorite character didn't have any flirt options.


Texting him does have a result! The conditions are to talk to him in the map room (which triggers disapproval -- I know, I know, not exactly intuitive) and to have gotten positive approval from him at least once.

And I'm glad to hear you like him. He may not have flirt options (for now), but there's still plenty of opportunities to spend time with him, and who knows what feelings will blossom, old or new? ;P


I’m loving this game, it’s hilarious!

Also, as a heads up, I noticed that when talking with Kyrie choosing “I agree. Feelings are dumb.” still shows “Alpha chad ++ King of the nerds ++” instead of the same but with “likes that”.


Good catch, thanks! I'll have that patched soon. :)


Games awesome im loving it.


Wes = absolute husband material


Fun start!  

Great art, fun dialogue that doesn't take itself too seriously, and the characters don't seem tropey at all.

I actually really like the personality mechanic-- it's fresh, different, and gives more flavor to the dialogue.  My only criticism would be the specific labels used for the three personalities.  The labels used-- Alpha Chad, Male Feminist, and King of Nerds-- actively made me want to avoid making choices, which I think is kind of the opposite of what you're going for?

Honestly, I'd go with something like Hardheaded, Compassionate, and Intellectual.  But of course, that's just me-- you're the writer, here.  I'm sure you have your reasons, lmao.

Still-- I'm glad I stumbled across this, and will happily keep up with it as you develop.  Keep up the good work, man.


I love it so far! Can't wait to see what's next


LOL, I managed to get "Male Feminist" in the first try in all choices until the dildo is indroduced. The story is getting interesting, though. Good work :)

It's really enjoyable, but i can tell you, i feel like i used drugs to play it. This feeling reminds me when i first saw Alice in Wonderland 4 months before. \_(._.)_/ 

I really enjoyed it. <3

Good game keep up the good work!!

Deleted post

I loved it

Having played most furry vns currently available, I find the writing to be very refreshing, since I haven't seen this snarky brand of humor and self awareness being used properly before, and it's a lot of fun to have a good amount of choices that, while not feeling super deep or meaningful ALL the time, add a lot of personality to the narrative and to the character you're playing as. I do feel like the dildo assignment thing might be just a little bit too abrupt as an introduction to the sillier side of the narrative, cuz at first I was wondering if I was supposed to take the situation somewhat seriously or not (it does happen right after the funeral after all).

There's a good foundation for interesting relationship dynamics and amusing plot developments, and while the premise is a bit cliche, I can already tell it'll be used in fun and interesting ways going forward, so whether there's more silliness to come, or some serious stuff, I'll be looking forward to it.

That being said... can I be a male feminist and still fuck Wes or will I need more chad points? 😳 (justcuriousbutdontactuallyanswerlol)


So good! Huge potential in this VN, really well written, and snarky as hell. Look forward to more!


That tiger is mine


no mine


okay this was legitimately funny as heck and i kinda like all the characters, cant wait to delve deeper into the story!!!!


Loved the vn even just for the start of it, it sets the tone very well


fresh vn, love the arts. 
If you had a patreon account, maybe you can share with us.
I would like to join in > I'll wait for next upadte


First VN I played that doesn't really take itself too seriously. Refreshing, looking forward for the updates!


Having the popups and random quips in accordance to some form of archetype, even for the sake of humor, make things seem unnatural/too against the grain.  It needs to be dialed back a little, and possibly given some in-between options, as well as hiding the popups and changing the random bits of information into the form of what the MC is thinking???  As far as the story goes it seems a little unrealistic, for the MC is never mentioned to be a clutz, yet at the same time does smart things???  Seems like utter whiplash to hold something open, while forgetting to put into safety something important.  It is never established if the MC has risky behaviors.  Its great to have a story that morphs based on decisions you make, but having it be absolutely reliant on any and all choices, causes a pigeonholing effect that results the MC later becoming something very unrealistic, doing things just because of a slight variable point difference that end up being out of character.  The system as of right now, how its presented, makes things seem arbitrary and stupid, pointless and monotones and highly interferes with the flow of the plot, when presented with and reacting to things that seem a bit too out there.  This VN certainly has promise, just need to adjust the formula.  Also issue with many a VN at times, is the desire to know what the MC looks like, whether it be own sprites, or a simple CG (at start ish) here and there.  Just need to let things flow more smoothly, not have big bumps that make you question why you even bother. I'd say Shoot for a more middle ground/balanced approach! :3

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This one caught me by surprise. The art looks really good, but the humor is probably not for everyone. I'm a bit unsure myself if I like it, the "chad/feminist/nerd" thoughts and the outragous things happening make me think of slapstick comedy anime, but without the slapstick? So it's not exactly a super serious vn, but it appears the plot is just starting so I can't know more until a few more updates. Will definitely follow though.


Agree with the above comment. The writing definitely needs a bit of work. However, please don't go the same route as other VN's where many characters are written as the: "OMG, XD, I'M SO CUTESY AND RANDOM!" shtick which not only gets old pretty fast but is extremely annoying, at times feeling like a self-insert of the author?  

That's a fair observation! I don't think that's the route I intend to go down, or at least not one I'd deliberately follow, but then again, no one sets out to write poorly on purpose. I mentioned it in a reply to the comment above, but some things will naturally change throughout the story, and some things won't. Everyone's mileage will vary, and if people like it, I'm glad to have them; and if they don't, I appreciate them giving it a try anyways!


I think these are valid concerns -- the humor's not for everyone, and possibly not even for a majority of people or anyone with taste. If it's not for you, that's okay! I can't guarantee it will get better or worse in the subsequent updates. Some things will change, and some things won't. Either way, I appreciate you giving it a shot.

Oh I don't think this is an issue of quality. The art is good, the writing is good, no spelling or grammar errors. It's just that It feels off, i'm half expecting this to be a dream of the main character because teachers giving dildos to take care off is not something even the most absurd anime do. I'm curious what others think of it. I'm sure it will be popular purely based on the art, so I won't have to wait long lol


I'm interested in pursuing the tiger, does he have a route?


Yes, he does!


The proffesor has one too? I noticed he appeared down the stairs in strange clothing.

Professor Abbet does not, but Remus (the wolf downstairs) does, to some degree. :)


Aren't they the same man? They look startingly the same..


That's a good question, because they sure do! You'll have to see what connection they have, if any, in future installments.


Love the first build! :)


Me sees dick jokes and gay:  *clicks download*


:D <3


Is the MC a faceless human type or an actual character? :O


The MC is an anthro character! He has no official design (so far). :)

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That's cool, thanks for answering. I like developed MCs over clean slates, so I just wanted to make sure as I didn't see any images showing one. ^^


I really like it so far c:

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