Some people have been running into trouble unlocking the Cedric route, so I thought I'd peel back the curtains a bit for the kind of content available for everyone. Spoilers ahead:

In order to lock into a route, you'll want to text and hang out with that character at the end of the first day.


  • To unlock Cedric's route, you need two things:
    • 1. Have at least one positive interaction with him where you gain his approval. The easiest way to get this is to side with him when you first meet Remus, but there are other opportunities as well.
    • 2. Talk to him instead of fighting when you first meet him in the map room. This tends to trip people up because it triggers disapproval, but it's a requirement to be able to text him that night.


  • Wes' is pretty straightforward. Flirt with him to unlock his route.


  • Luke can be unlocked by either flirting with him or gaining his approval.


  • Remus isn't exactly a full "route," but you can choose not to talk to anyone and flirt with him instead.

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Does anyone know how to get the 2nd to last picture in the gallery?

Today i got two endings.


One with Wes and it was soo cute 🤩

I like that he try to live his life with main character (i forget how was his name) and he was so brave to say that for his father. (I'm proud for that i got him first)

And another with Cedric and he decided to be in that world (i almost cry at that moment)

Need to get ending with Lynx and try to find way with Cedric to get him in Real world (i think that there another end with him)

And k don't know what end will be whith that Lynx (and yeah, i got some screenshots when the main character got dildo in his had and brake the 4-th wall, it's quite fuuny how they all standings like this, like Wes i think that he try to say "w*f where did you get this", and Cedric "Man... Put that thing down...")

I really like to play this game and sometime i got a b*ner just reading that kind of stuff (maybe just because i was a roleplayer)

Good work!

oh my god i just assumed cedric didnt have a route


hol the shit up? damn, this is more fun than i thought it would be.. not just "select the route", eh? this will be much fun (and pain) :D


I actually GREATLY like the scene where you "talk" and it causes "disapproval" with Cedric. It was one of my favorite things in the game oddly enough as it was like NO we need to talk and i know you don't want too or like that but frankly, it makes perfect sense. It's nice that the "disapproval" is there too as it adds to his character a lot I felt.


I actually very much agree with this. It did trip me up, but it actually makes sense. Of course he's not happy you're brushing aside the thing he prides himself on to have an extremely awkward conversation, but if you don't have that conversation there's no way for him to realize how hurt you are that you've drifted so far apart.


I agree, about the dislike thing.  Like in real life, conversations like this happen. Sometimes it hurts friendships. In other cases It mends them, this is a good example of this.