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I really enjoyed the game but for some reason the game keeps crashing when I go through Remus' route around the school scene. Does anyone else get the error?

not an error, just boot the game back up and it should pick up

I tried to boot it back and loaded the save and still the game crashed.

you shouldn't have to load a save, it should go straight into continuing 

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Does the bonus content come with the character animations in some sort of video file form?


You know a story is great when you're crying after the ending, knowing it is over. I hope we'll see more from you in the future Phibbean

Noooo!! I cried with the ending I got. Fuck, one of the  best written novels I've read in my life. Thank you so much. :')


As a college student who hope in the future,everything goes in his way, this VN leave a huge impact on me.


just finished wes' route. i dont think im in a place where i can really handle the message of this game and process it properly. fantasy is all i have, i dont have prospects and support like kieran. if i got that crown, i dont think it would be reasonable to expect me to give it up.


i think im gonna play remus tomorrow. i heard he has a staying in peregrine ending.

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I have 5 things to say
1) that title screen music is really perfectly fit, and also made me cry on boot up
2) i still feel Bad
3) [see below]

at least we get to be with him. at least we get to stay, for however long we do. at least we have something.
4) ced's next. tomorrow.
5) i wish remus could come with us, or we could find some other way to sustain peregrine. i feel like ive wronged him terribly. even if we stay behind together all but the castle is destroyed, all of that world he loves so much, gone. even those nice lesbians

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also ive sobbed my throat raw and my eyes dry and i cried so hard i threw up and im nowhere near done. i dont know how remus can not hate us in his ending. i hope the door is still in the castle, maybe we can still get out together, in time, maybe when the end draws nearer. turns out "too much escapism is bad" as a motif doesnt work when the reader is in need of not just escapism, but escape entirely

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i sobbed for 3 straight hours and now i just feel hollow. i want to go with remus

why couldnt he just come with us

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update: i dont think im going to get cedric's ending. i feel real crummy, and there are so many variables, i just, dont have it in me. maybe in a few... months... or if anyone wants to tell me what to do my discord is victoire#4364


of course, now that i think about it, maybe that's why it's in case of emergency.

the fantasy world cant be sustained because remus is using the crown wrong, one is meant to be only visiting, alongside a real life, escapism is a tool for coping with the real world, not a way out. if remus was living in the real world, he'd be experiencing new things to fuel the fantasies, and might not have this problem


im so sad rn 10/10 vn *insert crying here*

Excited, yet idk if it's just me but the sprites blinking and fidgeting kinda make it difficult (at least for me) to read the story and focus on the words. I don't know if it's like some kind of form of OCD or just ADHD but when you have four characters on screen all fidgeting it can get a little difficult to read the texts.

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Okay first of all this will contain slight spoilers.

I just wanna say that this visual novel is absolutely amazing and has really left a deep impression on me. Thank you so much Phibbean for creating such an incredible visual novel!!

It felt like a relatively short vn when you decide to play from start to end but that is definitely not a problem in my experience because it really felt very well paced. I absolutely love the main characters we get to know them very well throughout the story and Kieran as a protagonist is actually very enjoyable to be along side with (as a reader). You get to see him develop as a person slowly throughout the playthrough and by the end he is much more mature now, for better or worse. I actually really love those different personalities being part of the gameplay. It really spices things up from your typical visual novel formula by, like as said in the description, giving you the choice of what you want the main protagonist's personality to be. I think this was intentional but there's this part of the story in a specific route where the game just terminates itself as a form of plot device which I find absolutely genius that was absolutely cool!

// Slightly more spoilery section //

On a narrative standpoint, this multiple personality gameplay is actually a genius way of encapsulating an aspect about Kieran. The way I interpret it, this gameplay describes his fantasies or more specifically, his search for the ideal Kieran. At the start of the game he's really struggling at finding out who he wants to be and as the player, you get to choose the Kieran you want to be. By choosing the "fantasies," you get to choose how Kieran wants his ideal self to be. I'm much more convinced by this during the ending where you no longer see any choices that affect the multiple personality gameplay which I find to be a sign that Kieran got to find a "him" that he is content with and he gets to leave his little "male chad" "king of the nerds" etc fantasies behind. What I'm trying to say is: very creative gameplay that ties very well into the story is one of this vn's best selling points.

Now for the routes oh boy. When I played this vn last may it felt like I needed a phd in psychology and human studies to even land on a route. Earlier when continuing to the end it still felt like it but I definitely knew more on what I'm doing so I got through the "unique" endings of 3/4 of the datable characters. The difficulty in landing on the routes/endings just drove home the fact that your choices really matter in this game (even if some of the right choices might throw people off).

My favorite among the bunch was definitely Cedric so I went for his route first. His route was definitely the hardest to "start" sort of because of some of the choices you have to pick but oh man I definitely fell in love with him and his ending.. it's so fucking bittersweet it actually hurts. Second route I picked was Remus'. His ending is by far the saddest out of them all which was further amplified by the music they used it just felt like a knife being stabbed into my chest and twisted around slowly and painfully.. it was a deppressing ending if you couldn't tell 🙄. Now lastly I went for Wes and somehow I got his ending on my second try when I heard that there was this bug in the game thay made his ending extremely hard to get. It was definitely the least sad among the bunch and more on the hopeful side which I LOVE like I desperately needed a break from the other two. I haven't done Luke's yet because I'm pretty tired from doing forensic analysis on the different choices to make to get the "unique" endings for three different routes. But to sum it up, all routes were absolutely amazing, their respective characters got really great character arcs and the resolutions for all of them felt very satisfying despite a lot of them not being such a "happy" ending.

TLDR: Very polished game (absolutely love the sprite work), amazing and somewhat short yet greatly-paced story, well developed characters, and a creative gameplay addition to the typical visual novel formula. Just a very amazing visual novel 

11/10 I would highly recommend!!!!

Where do we donate to?

Hi! You can donate by clicking Download Now and paying through the pop-up window. Once you do, you should be taken to a link with all the available downloads, including the zip file with the bonus content.

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wow holy shiz, The game keeps "crashing" neaar the end of he game... or maybe that is the end

edit, Nope, Apparently I need to close the window first to contiue

does cedrics's route actually have a good ending:( ???

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I just finished all the routes and endings, and…wow. there were a lot of parts where I was worried a storyline wouldn’t make a smooth landing or feel rushed, but the story immediately put my worries to rest. The characters are all so well written,the protagonist is actually enjoyable as a character, the humor is perfect for me too i would be crying one moment and laughing the next,and the none-linearity added so much replay value. This is probably my favorite FVN I’ve played, and I can’t wait to see more works from you in the future!!

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Does anyone have a guide for Cedric and Wess good endings where they stay with us? PLEASE I'M DESPERATE TT....TT

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Wait... there's an ending where Wes didn't stay with you?

Edit: Oh yeah

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(Slight Spoilers?)// …man. the staying with Remus ending is just….i need to lie down for a sec what was THAT?!


it was so sad but I was wondering if there's a possibility for him to go outside peregrine because a choice kinda half implied there would be if you picked the right choices I just wanna see it happen T-T


Well, I guess that's it.

I want to express my sincere gratitude to Phibbean for his story, which became one of the few that really touched me. I have been here since August, and the year of waiting was worth it. 

The whole plot was much deeper than most of *slice of life* VNs, mundane and empty for me. Themes of growing up, taking responsibility and facing reality are greatly described, just as problem of escapism. 100k words of well-developed characters and intriguing plot are incredible amount of work, which I won't disregard.

So again, thanks for devotion to your project, and hope to see more works from you.


in the end the dildo are the treasure all along


Does anyone have a guide for the two main endings on each route?

does anyone have a guide for wes route or any hints? i cant get the ending where you stay with him


Whoops. I think you found this build's major game-breaking bug. Fixing now


i gues i can be any specie i want in it even human

did i do something wrong, wes? ced? ;w; remus?

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i still cant believe cedric all but said

he outgrew us ;w;

well now i feel Bad


I really liked the novel. The idea with a Dildo, I laughed heartily. The characters are lively and interesting, I especially liked Luke's route.

I will wait for the updates - thank you.

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Maaan im pretty sure ive gotten most character interactions and just fuck wes and cedric 😭😭 luke is the only one who i hope has happy outcomes

the cliff hanger... I wish I could stay with him tho T_T

Estoy desepcionado si el juego termina así 😑


None of the routes have endings right now. Everything will be continued and finished in the next and final update.

Siempre mueres en la ruta de Remus?

Question for Wes' route: 

Does anyone know the best choices in the lake scene? I could figure it out with the other two but not with Wes.


yes , 2nd

2nd what? there are multiple choices.


may ask? in this current update will end in when king ramus push kieran into the cliff or whatsoever called by that crystal ....??? im confused am new reader here please answer me....

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You should probably spoiler this

What if

One of the Bois went outside, got your clone and made them a thread, thus getting an infinite thread exploit?! lol, probably wouldn't work, but man, I really wanted to not have Remus be the bad guy...

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I have a theory

What if there's a secret 4th artifact? There's nothing written about the past catastrophe, so it could be possible that the 4th (if it exists) may have fallen into the clutches of a dark force, or is hidden somewhere else. Otherwise, I can't imagine Cedric being here, and the idea of a hidden artifact sounds intriguing.


My only complaint about this game so far, is that there's no way to disable the sound effect that plays when the text appears on the screen. At least for me on Android . Since I didn't know how to disable it if possible, I just ended up muting the volume on my device entirely. Aside from that though, I really enjoyed this


Did you try switching the CTC off?

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The sound effect when text plays can be turned off by turning the Voice volume slider all the way down in the preferences menu. Hope this helps!

didn't think to check until now. That actually does help. Thank you

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v.0.4 spoilers

What the fuck.
That hit like a truck. Ow.

What am I supposed to do to not become a thread? Thank you.


There's currently only one ending to this build, and, yes, unfortunately it's the cliffhanger. :)

damn that hurted but i can't wait for the new build, keep up the good work!

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This went from 1 to 100 so fast. I am quite enthused though, it was quite the twist, and a good one at that. It makes me wonder how many times he's done this.. he says he's been to the heart many times himself, so pretty concerning. Great use of dramatic irony btw.

So many red flags lead up to this point:

Like what *jump off a bridge*?

Is there a road map for the game? I'd like one :)

Does the Cliff hanger end at the umm... part where the MC falls? im a bit confused


On the last update, will there be CGs on the sex scenes?


Probably not, unfortunately! I prefer the fade to (visual) black, but maybe down the line if there's an opportunity to commission art and release an NSFW patch, or something along those lines, I'd be down.

Ok then


The new sprite animations are fantastic! Great job


I want to date Cedric please

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