Bug fix/notification if you missed last month's update (v0.2.1)

Hey everyone, I heard that last month's update (v0.2) didn't show up in people's feeds, so in case you've missed it, here's your notification that it went live last month. I think I've fixed the problem with the notifications, which was an issue with my publishing settings. Thanks to everyone who brought it to my attention.

In the meantime, here's a minor update (v0.2.1) fixing some text and adding a click-to-continue indicator, which will hopefully help differentiate between pauses you have and don't have to click through. If you've already played through v0.2, there's unfortunately no new content.

We're still on track for a late August update, which may or may not end up being the entirety of Act 2, depending on how far I get. (It's going to be a pretty short VN overall.) Which means we might also get our first NSFW content then. 👀

Thanks as always to anyone who's commented, followed, left a rating, or just played and downloaded. <3


In-Case-Of-Emergency-0.2.1-pc.zip 283 MB
Jul 27, 2021
In-Case-Of-Emergency-0.2.1-mac.zip 249 MB
Jul 27, 2021
icoe.vn-0.2.1-universal-release.apk 279 MB
Jul 27, 2021

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Ugg... I know its your intention, but choices still feel clunky, although I do feel like they are a little looser this time around.  Helps things fit! :P

Lol it's a tricky balance! They're always changing, and right now they're on a downswing. :P