Holy shit we made it. We're at the last major content build. Before I get into things, some important news:

BONUS CONTENT! If you donate at least $5, you'll get access to HQ art PNGs* and a 30-page PDF booklet with character profiles, walkthroughs, and concept art.** This isn't supposed to be DLC—please consider this my thanks for a donation for the base game. All money will go towards future game development and back to the generous Creative Commons artists who made this game possible.

*If there's an art asset not included that you want, let me know on here, Discord, or Twitter, and I'll add it to the zip file!

With that out of the way...

Oh my god. I did not think I would ever see this day. I know a 100k word count is chump numbers for most online serial fiction, but this is probably the biggest thing I've ever made and finished. There will inevitably be some bugs and rough edges on release (pls report bugs HERE), which will likely keep me busy with minor patches for a while. I realize I don't have much to say here except, from the bottom of my heart, thank you to anyone who has supported me in any way. I'll likely have a more lengthy post-mortem and an FAQ coming out in a week or two.

Without further ado:


  • About 45k words of new content, again, mostly distributed horizontally across different routes.
    • A quick breakdown of how endings work: Most characters have one "unique" ending where you end the game with them. If you don't get that ending (based on your previous choices), you'll get the "general" ending where Kieran ends up "alone." These endings aren't necessarily "good" or "bad." Check out the bonus content PDF for a more detailed walkthrough regarding the different choices you can make. There's more than one way to get a particular ending.
  • About 7 new unlockable CGs that will appear in the gallery. (And some minor ones that won't!)
  • Sprites now come with tints in certain lighting conditions.
  • Tweaks to some sprites/CGs/backgrounds.
  • Fixed some typos and edited some words.

As always, thanks for playing!

**I think I'll have to eventually tone down some of the file sizes, because 100 MB is pretty ridiculous for the number of images.


In-Case-Of-Emergency-1.0.1-android.apk 573 MB
Version 1.0.0 Jun 21, 2022
In-Case-Of-Emergency-1.0.2-mac.zip 529 MB
Version 1.0.0 Jun 21, 2022
In-Case-Of-Emergency-1.0.2-pc.zip 563 MB
Version 1.0.0 Jun 21, 2022

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My sweet king, why are there so few interactions with you😭


It was a pleasure to plunge into the world that you created, to follow the development of the characters, their interactions and their endings.

This VN somehow reminded me of one other rather extensive one: "Echo". Backs, selection of music, it's just wonderful. Another VN, the plot of which was interesting to read and at the same time be a part of it, which will forever remain in my heart 🦊🧡

Thank you for giving us all the opportunity to plunge into this world and I hope that maybe in the future we will see something else from you!)

I was very interested in your idea with bonus content, it would be great to look at the concepts and build a chronology of the creation of this VN, as soon as the opportunity arises, I will definitely donate at least this 5$. Labor must always be paid. Especially when he fucking deserves it ✨

I can perfectly imagine what your work was and just want to thank you for not giving up and together with the other people who worked on this project, bring it to release, you are breathtaking! 🐱


thank you for the experience and sharing a part of your world. I had a lot of fun doing all the ending and variation possible and oh boy they were all good. 

If you do another project, i will be sure to keep an eye on it.






0.4 to like 1.0? That's crazy progress.


THE ENDINGS!!1!! THEYRE ALL SO GOOD!!!!! NO WORDS CANT DESCRIBE MY EMOTION PLAYING THIS GAME EVERYONE SHOULD EXPERIENCE THE STORY!!!!  (p.s: its sad that its over tho, hope phibbean would make more vn in the future) (ill keep supporting them of course <3)


omg im crying it feels like ive been following this vn for so long and that ending was so sad