v0.3 + Hiatus

The next update is finally here! The good news is that this is probably our largest update to date. You'll get to spend more time with characters, see them in fun new outfits, and solve a mystery.

The bad news: Making a game is a lot of work, and because of real-life obligations, I no longer have as many hours to work on this project. I thought I would be done with this project by the end of August, but we're barely on our third update!

On top of that, I've been struggling with the burnout of being the sole writer, artist, programmer, and sound "designer" (if you count browsing freesound.org for that wood-smacking sound that's just right) on this project, and I need a break. So, unfortunately, I don't know when the next update will be. The latest news about any forthcoming updates will probably be on my Twitter.

Thanks to everyone who has left a comment, review, or rating! You rock.

Now, onto the good stuff:


  • 20k+ words of new content
    • Unique scenes depending on the route you chose at the end of the last update
    • New city and accompanying side plot and characters
  • Explicit sexual content toggle
    • By default, sexual content is ON. You can change this in the Preferences menu. There are currently no explicit images, but you can toggle whether or not you want to read textual depictions of sex.
  • New outfits!
  • And, for some of you:


In-Case-Of-Emergency-0.3-pc.zip 382 MB
Aug 18, 2021
In-Case-Of-Emergency-0.3-mac.zip 348 MB
Aug 18, 2021
icoe.vn-0.3-universal-release.apk 386 MB
Aug 18, 2021

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Man, I've been too busy to read VNs the last five months, but now I had the time to catch up on the last update.  It's f king awesome! I wish I had a Peregrine where to flee to, and a Wes to play tug of war with our feelings and expectations :V


Thanks for the update!!! You're doing great๐Ÿ‘


Beautiful! You indeed do deserve a rest lest you poison yourself too much!



Why the fuck is the only account the games twitter is following Ace Hardware?


LMFAO that gif holy shit XD