v0.4 - Second-to-last update

Surprise! It's been a while, hasn't it?

Here's the second-to-last update, v0.4, which sets up the climax and end of the game.


  • <20k words of new content, but most of it is spread horizontally across different routes, reactivity to previous choices you made, and branches from new choices.
  • All sprites have been revamped to some degree. Also, every character now has a sprite animation
  • There are three new options to pay attention to in the preferences menu:
    • Voice volume - A sound will play while characters are talking. This can be disabled or adjusted using the slider for voice volume.
    • CTC sound - A sound will play when you click to go to the next line of dialogue. This can be disabled by turning off 'CTC Sound' in the options.
    • Auto-pause on punctuation - Dialogue will automatically have short pauses when the display encounters a comma, period, or other punctuation. This can be disabled by turning off the 'Auto-pause on punctuation' option.
  • A few new non-route-based CGs. (Unfortunately, they're not stored in the gallery... yet.)
  • Revised/added some lines of dialogue to the Conviviance mystery plotline for clarity. It's not necessary to read if you've already played it, but it adds more context for new players.
  • Fixed some typos and edited some words.
  • Custom application icon should work now.
  • Dialogue now has quotation marks around it.

P.S. There is now, for the first time, significant Remus-unique content for anyone who is not on one of the three main routes.

Thanks for playing! I already have the majority of the final build written, so it'll come out late June at latest but hopefully sooner.


In-Case-Of-Emergency-1.0.2-pc.zip 563 MB
Version 4 May 05, 2022
In-Case-Of-Emergency-1.0.2-mac.zip 529 MB
Version 4 May 05, 2022
In-Case-Of-Emergency-1.0.1-android.apk 573 MB
Version 3 May 05, 2022

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It's Remus time 😌

What a wonderful cliffhanger! This is such a sweet novel


This update awaken something in me...   (._:)

and yeah it´s because of the Remus sex-scene

the wait what


Rather die than text anyone first and hit on Remus hard to see what i mean

....i will be doing this. thank you.


You are very welcomed, my dear kinky person

and i am still very thankful, my dear dont call me out like that

yeah i got it, my thottery has been satiated 





The writing are just *chef's kiss*  Keep up the good work <3<3<3

What a cliffhanger though, can't wait for the final update!


This was a surprise! Thanks for the update.